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Indian Psychiatric Society Condemns Attack on Kolkata Doctors


Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) condemned the recent attack on junior doctors of NRS Medical College & Hospital at Kolkata. Echoing the strong statement of Indian Medical Association(IMA), IPS President Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav strongly condemned the brutal attack on serving doctors in kolkata and demanded immediate action against the perpetrators of the violence.

“We are deeply pained by all the acts of violence and vandalism; but the recent chain of events at Kolkata has shaken the sense of security and safety of the entire medical profession. Doctors cannot work under threats. Violence against them, under any circumstances is condemnable and unacceptable and should be dealt with punishment that is suitably harsh.” said Dr. Mrugesh. He further added, “It is high time to think of a ‘Central Medical Security Force’ to safeguard the hospitals and personnel working there”

Assault on doctors took place on the night of 10th June at NRS Medical College & Hospital at Kolkata, in which two doctors were critically injured. Junior Doctor of West Bengal went on strike the next day which soon spread to the whole state. On 14th June huge number of senior doctors and faculty members from the Medical colleges of the state, submitted their mass resignation, bringing Bengal’s healthcare system to near collapse.


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