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Indian Psychiatric Society’s CME on Sexual Disorders held at Lucknow


LUCKNOW: Indian Psychiatric Society’s Sexual Disorder speciality section organized CME on Sexual Disorders at Lucknow on 6th of July 2019. A day long update focusing on premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction, had eminent speakers from different parts of India updating recent advances in the treatment of sexual disorders and was attended by around 150 psychiatrists, medical professionals and post-graduate students.


Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav (President Indian Psychiatric Society) was the chief guest and Dr. AK Agrawal was the guest of honour.

Professor O.P. Singh (NRS Medical College Kolkata) & Dr. E. Mohandas (Chief Consultant Psychiatrist Sun Medical & Research Centre Thrissur) discussed extensively on ‘Etiopathogenesis, clinical evaluation & investigations in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation’, respectively. Management was covered by Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav elaborated on the ‘Management of Erectile Dysfunction’ & Dr. Adarsh Tripathi (Associate Professor KGMC Lucknow) on ‘Management of Premature Ejaculation’.

Professor T.S.S. Rao‘s (JSS Medical College Mysore) session discussed case based approach in ‘Management of comorbid ED & PME and difficult to treat cases’. Dr. Vihang Vahia (Senior Psychiatrist Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai) delivered lecture on ‘Sex Therapy – Introduction to approach & methods’. Professor Suresh Bada Math‘s (NIMHANS Bengaluru) intriguing session covered ‘Medicolegal issues in sexual disorders with focus on potency test’.

Professor PK Dalal (HOD KGMC Lucknow) was the organizing chairman, Dr. Adarsh Tripathi organizing secretary and Dr. Surjeet Sahoo & Dr. Supriya Agrawal were joint organizing secretary of the CME.

Dr. E. Mohandas

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav, President Indian Psychiatric Society

Dr. Adarsh Tripathi, Organizing Secretary

Dr. Vihang Vahia

Prof. Suresh Bada Math

“Although sexuality is very important part of life and sexual disorders are quite common, yet it’s discussion is still avoided in indian society,” stated organizing secretary Dr. Adarsh Tripathi interacting with the media. “Unfortunately even doctors hesitate to discuss openly about the sexual disorders their patient report. Targeting the need, this CME aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge about these disorders, it’s diagnosis and management,” he added.

Professor SC Tiwari, Dr. Rajni Chatterjee, Dr. Vinay Kumar, Dr. Gautam Saha, Dr. Aleem Siddique, Dr. UC Garg, Dr. Venugopal Jhanwar, Dr. Shahi Rai, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. G. Prasad Rao, Dr. RK Mahendru, Dr. Ashish Kumar Shrivastava, Dr. Krishna Kadam, Dr. KK Mishra, Dr SP Gupta, Dr. Darpan Kaur were the other eminent psychiatrists present.

Courtesy: ONN NEWS

Dr. PK Dalal Vice President Indian Psychiatric Society, Dr. Gautam Saha, Dr. Aleem Siddique

Dr. Vihang Vahia, Dr. TSS Rao, Dr. Adarsh Tripathi

Dr. Vinay Kumar, Hon. General Secretary Indian Psychiatric Society

Dr. Supriya Agarwal, Joint Organizing Secretary

Dr. TSS Rao, Dr. Rajni Chatterjee, Dr. Shashi Rai

Dr. Dishantar Goel


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